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Truck Accident

Reasons Maryland Truck Accident Claims are So Complex

From the massive size and weight of the trucks speeding down I-95, I-70, and other Maryland state and local highways, you know that these vehicles are capable of causing devastating destruction. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that there were more than 3,750 collisions involving semis, 18-wheelers, and other large trucks in Maryland in 2021. The data is on pace to exceed this amount by the end of 2022, with an estimated 3,940 truck crashes.

Another disturbing figure is the identity of the victims in truck collisions: 82% of all fatalities are occupants of the passenger vehicle, not the truck. Fortunately, victims have legal remedies and can seek compensation for their losses by going through the same basic steps as other traffic collisions. However, truck crash cases are much more complex for various reasons. Count on a Maryland truck accidents attorney to help you navigate such hurdles as:

Serious, Catastrophic Injuries

Commercial trucks outweigh passenger vehicles by 20 to 30 times depending on the cargo they are hauling. In a crash, occupants are subjected to an impact that is far more violent and carries much more force than an accident involving two automobiles. For those who survive, the injuries can be severe. Victims often suffer:

  • Traumatic brain injuries and concussion;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Amputation;
  • Injuries to internal organs; and,
  • Broken bones.

Trucking Insurance

The first step in the legal process is filing an insurance claim, but there is a key difference with truck accidents: Truckers are required to carry much higher amounts in liability coverage, at times reaching into the millions. When the company knows it stands to lose, the insurer assigns your claim to its most knowledgeable, experienced employee. This person’s job is to find reasons to deny or make a lowball counteroffer, thus protecting the insurance company’s bottom line.

Multiple Potential Parties 

There may be numerous individuals and entities involved with putting a commercial vehicle on the road. Any of them could have played a role in causing the truck accident, and you must pursue all potential parties to ensure fair monetary damages. Besides the truck driver, you may be filing a claim against:

  • The truck driver’s employer;
  • The carrier who retained the truck operator;
  • A company hired to handle maintenance, inspections, and repairs for the semi cab;
  • Any company involved with loading, unloading, or handling cargo;
  • The owner of the semi; and,
  • Many others.

Keep in mind that each of the parties you may pursue will also have an insurance company, which will put its own interests over yours.

Trust a Baltimore County Truck Accidents Lawyer to Overcome Challenges

These are just a few of the complications when seeking compensation after a truck crash, and there are many other pitfalls that can arise during the process. At the Law Office of William F. Mulroney, our team is prepared for challenges and ready to fight for fair monetary damages. Please call (443) 352-8433 or visit us online to schedule a no-cost phone consultation at our Owings Mills, MD, offices.

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