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Slip And Fall

Important Evidence in Maryland Slip and Fall Cases

Falls are a leading cause of death and injuries across the US, and many of these accidents are preventable. They typically happen because of negligence by a property owner who fails to make repairs or allows dangerous conditions that put others at risk of injuries. Slip and falls are known in the legal field as premises liability cases, a type of personal injury claim. As such, there are specific legal concepts that apply, including the Maryland Rules of Evidence. These rules are broad in terms of what evidence is allowed in court, basically including anything that is relevant to the case.

Knowing that you can use pretty much any evidence to support a premises liability claim, you should do all you can to collect important information. Together with what your Baltimore County slip and fall lawyer uncovers through additional investigation, the most powerful evidence in a premises liability case includes:

Images at the Scene

Slip and fall accidents happen because a property owner breached the duty of care in maintaining the premises, and there are many ways they can be negligent. It is important to capture proof of this carelessness, so grab your phone to get photos and video of:

  • Broken tiles
  • Spills, puddles, and debris
  • Loose carpeting and flooring
  • Unsecured railings on stairways and balconies 

Police Report

If the police or other first responders arrive after a 911 call, the report generated by the event is crucial evidence. It will contain details on the time, date, and factors police uncover while investigating the circumstances. Law enforcement may also take photos and videos.

Medical Records

It is critical to get prompt medical care after a slip and fall accident, whether you head to the emergency room, an urgent care center, or your own doctor’s office. An important reason is the medical records your treating physician will prepare, which cover the following:

  • The specific diagnosis of your slip and fall injuries;
  • Emergency, short-term, and long-term treatment; and,
  • Likelihood of permanent disability.

Witness Testimony

Anyone who saw what happened or observed the dangerous conditions that caused the slip and fall accident could also be a source of useful evidence. Their recollections could be proof that the property owner knew or should have known about the hazard.

Liability Insurance Details

The first step in a premises liability case is filing a claim with the property owner’s insurance company, so getting a copy of the policy is a priority. It will describe coverages, which is helpful when you are discussing settlement to resolve your case out of court.

A Maryland Slip and Fall Attorney Can Explain More About Evidence

Proof is important in premises liability cases, and it is a key focus when developing a legal strategy. Our team at the Law Office of William F. Mulroney will conduct a meticulous investigation to gather evidence as part of our efforts to get fair compensation for your slip and fall injuries. Please call (443) 352-8433 for a free initial phone consultation or visit our website to contact our offices in Owings Mills, MD.

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