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Were you arrested for drunk driving in Maryland? Call me at (443) 352-8433 today.

DUI or DWI driving charges carry significant penalties. You could be heavily fined, incarcerated, or experience loss of your driver’s license. Your insurance premiums could rise and put your employment at risk. You need a DUI lawyer who has experience handling DUI/DWI cases and MVA hearings.

If you have been charged with a DUI or DWI in Maryland, you should retain an attorney who understands the Maryland administrative hearing process. Although you may represent yourself at the MVA hearing, having an attorney knowledgeable in the license suspension process improves your chances of maintaining some or all of your driving privileges.

A first-offense DUI or DWI in Maryland results in both criminal and administrative penalties.

There is only 10 days to request a Maryland DUI DMV hearing. If you don’t make the request, your driver’s license is automatically suspended.

Don’t Face the Aftermath of a DUI/DWI case alone…

Call me or use the form to contact me today, I charge a flat fee to appear and assist on your behalf for your MVA hearing. Hire a DUI Lawyer that will fight on your behalf to save your future and your license to drive.

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