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Cases I believe in for people I care about.

Practice areas: At Mulroney Law Firm, I take cases I believe in and represent people I care about. I will go the extra mile for clients and I’m not afraid to take on tough issues or fight against powerful opponents. It doesn’t matter if the case is small or large, having me as your advocate will give you a strong ally and peace of mind. My clients know me as compassionate and approachable – not afraid to help during the toughest times.


A type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), as a mediator I help two parties reach a resolution in order to negotiate a settlement whether it is family law, divorce, personal injury or other legal issues.


An alternative & cost-conscious option to filing a lawsuit and going to court, as an arbitrator I weigh each parties’ issues equally and make a decision regarding the outcome of the case.


As a skilled, licensed and experienced attorney, I handle all aspects of a client’s case moving a lawsuit through the judicial process. Practice areas in Family law, personal injury, Elder law and DUI/DWI cases.

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