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Divorce Apps

Three Divorce Apps That Can Make Your Maryland Divorce Tolerable

Even under ideal circumstances where the parties are getting along, divorce can be a complicated, stressful process. For many couples, ending a marriage is the most anxiety-inducing experience they will endure during their lifetimes. In a survey, the American Institute of Stress found that divorce takes the number two spot when ranking life events that cause tension, with a score of 73 points out of 100. If this is where you would rank divorce in terms of stress, you would probably be willing to consider strategies to make the process easier – both during proceedings and after the final order is entered.

Fortunately, technology and developers have a response to your concerns in the form of divorce mobile apps. There are numerous benefits that can help support your own emotional well-being, as well as the efforts of your Maryland divorce attorney. Here are a few to consider.

AppClose to Streamline Co-Parenting

This mobile app focuses on organization, structure, and scheduling, reducing the potential for disputes to arise regarding custody and visitation. You can make parenting time schedules, request adjustments, and send messages on pickup and drop offs. AppClose includes features that time-stamp and archive messages, ensuring transparency and accountability if disagreements make their way into court. Depending on your preferences, you may consider apps with similar functionality, such as:

  • OurFamilyWizard, which helps establish a parenting time schedule around holidays, school breaks, and special events; and,
  • coParenter, a messaging app which reduces conflict by eliminating language that could trigger disputes between co-parents.

Manage Child Support Obligations with SupportPay

When trying to juggle other personal and professional matters, parents may overlook child support obligations. SupportPay features reminders and alert systems to help manage, track, and pay, and the benefits extend to both parents:

  • A payor can view receipts and expenditures to ensure funds are being used for the child; and,
  • The recipient has documentation showing where money is spent and proving how much it costs to raise the child. Plus, SupportPay is useful for recording expenditures when the payor parent opts out of using the app.

Look Forward to a Brighter Future With Mend

Parties to divorce often need emotional and psychological support when going through the process and after the case concludes. Mend is essentially a personal coach to help you identify, address, and overcome the emotional rollercoaster of divorce. You can read up on such topics as post-divorce budgeting, re-entering the world of dating, and rediscovering your interests. There are also options to schedule counseling and other sessions with professionals.

Trust Legal Details to a Baltimore County, MD Divorce Lawyer

While the features and benefits of divorce apps may be attractive, technology can never serve as a substitute for the experience and knowledge an attorney brings to the table. To learn how our team can help with the divorce process and keep stress to a minimum, please contact attorney William F. Mulroney to set up a consultation. We can schedule a free consultation to review your circumstances and guide you through the proceedings.

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