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Non-Legal Reasons for Maryland Motorcycle Riders to Wear a Helmet

In Maryland and many other US states, the primary reason that motorcycle riders wear a helmet is to comply with the law. Under the state’s motorcycle helmet statute, motorcyclists of all ages must wear an approved helmet. Plus, the headgear must include eye protection if the vehicle does not have an attached windshield. A violation of the law could lead to a $500 ticket, and subsequent offenses increase the fine considerably.

However, despite the legal and financial implications, there are many other reasons to wear a helmet that are actually higher in priority. If you were involved in a motorcycle crash, it could affect your life, safety, and possibly even your rights. It is smart to trust a Baltimore County motorcycle accident lawyer for assistance with your legal options, but consider the following the next time you ride.

Motorcycle Helmets Save Lives 

You have heard the safety warnings for years, but some statistics are a helpful reminder to wear a helmet. According to estimates reported by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), helmets save approximately 2,000 lives every year. When you wear one that meets all industry safety regulations, you reduce the risk of being killed in a motorcycle collision by up to 37%. 

Protection from Serious Head Trauma

Besides saving lives, helmets reduce trauma to the head among victims who survive. CDC statistics indicate that you cut the risk of traumatic brain injury (TBI), serious concussion, and catastrophic brain damage by up to 69% when you put on a helmet. With these types of injuries, the losses can be extreme, including:

  • Extended hospital stays;
  • Complicated, expensive brain surgery;
  • Loss of independence;
  • The need for at-home care from caregivers and/or skilled nursing; and,
  • Relocation to assisted living.

Protect the Face

A properly fitted helmet will shield your face from lacerations, bruises, scrapes, and abrasions. Especially when you wear a model with eye protection, you are less likely to suffer injuries to the eyes and teeth. You also avoid road rash to the face. An injury that occurs when exposed skin slides along the surface of the pavement. 

Secondary Impacts in Motorcycle Collisions

In almost all crashes, the motorcycle rider will be tossed from the vehicle and suffer a secondary impact. Depending on the force of the accident, the victim could land on hard concrete or asphalt many yards away from the collision. This secondary impact can cause even worse injuries to the head. The implications are severe if the rider is knocked unconscious by the first strike.

Trust a Maryland Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Protect Your Rights

A helmet is required by Maryland law, but this information should convince you of many other important reasons to put one on. If you were injured in a crash, please contact the Law Office of William F. Mulroney to schedule a free consultation. You can reach our Owings Mills, MD offices by calling (443) 352-8433 or visiting our website. After reviewing your circumstances, a Baltimore County motorcycle collision lawyer can provide additional details about your options.


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