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Uncontested Divorce

Four Reasons You Still Need an Attorney for Uncontested Divorce in Maryland

In a Maryland divorce case, you must list some ground as the reason you are ending your marriage, such as adultery, criminal acts, cruelty, or other misconduct. When these factors play a role in the marriage breaking down, the parties will typically go through contested divorce to resolve disputes. However, the Maryland statute on absolute divorce also includes “mutual consent” as a basis for dissolving the marriage. You might consider this uncontested divorce process if you agree that your marriage is irretrievably broken, and you can submit a written agreement on alimony, property division, and issues related to minor children.

Uncontested divorce is certainly a faster, more cost-effective way to end your marriage, but the fact that you can agree does not dispense with the need for experienced legal representation. It is important to retain a skilled Baltimore County divorce attorney for the following reasons.

  1. There are still numerous laws that affect uncontested divorce cases. You might be able to compromise on the general concepts, but it is still critical to go through the proper process and comply with court procedural rules on divorce. Your agreement on asset division and alimony must be entered in court to make it legally binding. Plus, you must include provisions on child custody and visitation in your parenting plan. All matters involving decision-making and parenting time must meet the child’s best interests, and your agreement must also provide for child support.
  2. You cannot protect your interests and future if you do not understand your rights. Florida divorce laws provide that:
  • Marital assets must be divided equitably;
  • A court first determines whether alimony is appropriate, then decides details; and,
  • Co-parenting is the preferred arrangement for child custody.

If you do not know these and other basics, you could harm your own interests and give up important rights. To ensure fairness, a lawyer can help you make informed decisions.

  1. Lawyers can help with creative solutions for your family. Every family is different, and Florida laws do allow co-parents to come up with “outside the box” solutions when it comes to an agreed custody and visitation arrangement. However, it can be difficult to convince a judge to approve unorthodox parenting plans when the parties are not represented by counsel. A court is more likely to grant an order knowing that parents worked out custody and visitation with solid legal advice.
  1. You save time and money when you have skilled legal representation. By avoiding mistakes and repeated trips to court to correct them, you actually reduce your own effort and can move through divorce quickly. There will be legal fees, but you balance the costs with peace of mind.

Contact a Maryland Divorce Lawyer for Help with Uncontested Divorce

These reasons to retain an attorney for divorce agreements should be convincing, as you still have rights and interests to protect despite being able to compromise. For more information, please contact attorney William F. Mulroney to set up a consultation. I can review your situation and determine strategy for uncontested divorce as an option for dissolving your marriage.

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